LIRPA silicones

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Provide non-stick and release solutions

Thanks to our range of silicones and resins, we can offer the most suitable product for our customers’ production needs.

Offering great quality and long-lasting products

All of our products are certified for food contact. Additionally, all of our products go through migration tests in order to thoroughly check that they will not harm our customer’s production whatsoever.

Accomplish the needs, demands and expectations of our customers

LIRPA’s goal is to gain our customers’ complete confidence and satisfaction, through meeting their requests and expectations, as well as all legal rules and requirements.

Continuous improvement of our organisation, our processes and the technology applied

Through the automation of all our production processes, we achieved the homogeneity in our Coatings. Additionally, all processes are subject to continuous review for improvement.

Environmentally friendly production processes

Our actions show our commitment with the environment by the way we perform our projects and activities, always considering the environment factor.

Comply with all legal regulations for our activity

As well as complying with all due legal requirements, LIRPA is the only Non-stick Coatings Company in Spain registered at the Sanitary Registry of Industries and Food Products of Catalonia.